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Showroom Hedensted
Udvalgte produkter

LT2000 EX 2T2MY

Max. turning Ø [mm] 210
Max. turning length [mm] 130
Spindle speed [mm-1] 6.000
No. of tools upper turret: 16 [12]
lower turret: 16 [12]
3rd turret: 16 [12]
Motor (PREX) [kW] 11/7,5 [22/15]
Rapid traverse X-Y-Z [m/min] 30/40
Floor space [mm] 3.745 x 2.467
Features M/MY

Left and right spindles, upper and lower turrets – that’s ultimate teamwork for complete production on a single machine. The upper and lower turrets can be combined with either spindle, providing the ideal balance of primary and secondary operations. Maximize productivity in a small footprint. With an optional third turret, this machine is the ultimate in process-intensive machining.

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