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Table size [mm] 500×500
Axis travel X-Y-Z [mm] 760/760/760
Spindle speed [mm-1] 15.000 [20.000]
No. of tools 48 [64,110,146,182,218]
Motor (VAC) [kW] 26/18,5 [30/22]
Rapid traverse X-Y-Z [m/min] 60/60/60
Floor space [mm] 2.695×4.725

The MB-H series provides a unique combination of high-speed and power in a small footprint. Highly productive with a high speed spindle and reduced non-cutting time, the MB-H series is built on the Okuma Thermo-Friendly Concept which enables the machine to predict and counter thermal deformation, ensuring consistent accuracy.

Each machine is expandable with modular ATC magazine and APC.

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