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Showroom Hedensted
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MULTUS U4000 1SW 1500

Max. turning Ø [mm] 650
Max. turning length [mm] 1.500
Spindle speed [mm-1] 4.200 [3.000]
No. of tools 40 [80, 120]
Motor (PREX) [kW] 22/15 [32/22]
Rapid traverse X-Y-Z [m/min] 50/ 40/ 50
Floor space [mm] 5.425 x 2.995

Experiences from practice and extensive innovations determine the concept of the new multitasking machines MULTUS U3000 and MULTUS U4000. Based on a solid orthogonal flat bed, they offer larger travels in the Y axis, a second turret (option), higher drive capacities for the rotary (milling) tools as well as the latest OSP controller with larger monitor (19″ screen diagonal) and ergonomically optimized operating panel.

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